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Posted on June 19, 2007



Malcolm Le Grice, Horror Film 1, 1971

Bozar Cinema (Brussels) presented us this last week-end a full programming of Live Cinema performances. I was there saturday night to see Malcolm Le Grice films (one of our famous teacher at Transmedia) and we were so lucky that we could even attend at Malcolm speach in the dark, as there was no electricity anymore in the room… So we finally had a good Kriek at La Mort Subite and decided to report this to sunday afternoon.

Malcolm selected us a good variety of films and his famous performance: Horror Film. I was really surprised by the diversity of his work which is a continuous research on the film media in all its forms. He experimented many things from the classical film to the digital.

Actually any photo could represent his work because the moving texture of the film creates the most subtil part of it. I was really impressed by the modernity of certain pieces which will remain timeless as Joseph’s Newer Coat (1998-2001) and Matrix 73-06 (1973). His performance Horror film was really impressive too and remains a very strong piece even 30 years later.

After Malcolm, I went to William Raban’s screening which was really amazing. He creates a balance between projection and performance and plays with the projection medium too. The result is more minimalistic and use the borders and connections between the different screen and projection shapes.

These performances of Live Cinema belongs to a certain period of time but remains really strong from an esthetic point of view. The materiality of the film brings something that we can’t find anymore with the digital medium and suddenly I wish I could be born in the 50’s…

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